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Kagaku na Yatsura

4.57/5 (89)

Title: Kagaku na Yatsura
Episodes: 1
Aired: Feb 20, 2013

* Based on the manga by Yoshikawa Hideaki.

The scientist cyborg girl Kuze Airi and her friend the busty half-dog girl Hizuki Ayana go to extremes with the power of science.

Note: Bundled with the limited edition of the 4th manga volume.


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KissXSis OVA

4.6/5 (124)

Title: KissXSis OVA
Episodes: 12
Aired: Dec 22, 2008 to Apr 6, 2015

* Based on the seinen manga by the same name, written and illustrated by Ditama Bow and serialised in Bessatsu Young Magazine.

Keita is living any junior high school boy’s dream. He has two older twin sisters, Ako and Riko, who compete for his romantic love in many ecchi ways, like good morning tongue kisses and abundant panty flashing. Their parents openly support the sisters’ feelings and advances, because they are step-siblings and not related by blood. In fact they even have a bet going as to which sister Keita will choose. And since the sisters and Keita attend the same high school, there are bound to be numerous misunderstandings.

Note: Each episode is bundled with every tankoubon in Japan and sold in limited edition starting starting with the third volume.

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