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Toumei Ningen R

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Title: Toumei Ningen R
Synonyms: The Invisible Stud Returns
Episodes: 2
Aired: : Mar 12, 2010 to Jun 11, 2010

The invisible stud returns to cause more mischief and spy on beautiful girls! Is Mie behind this again? His boss hears the invisible stud is back and confronts Mie, but he denies that he is behind it. Having put the invisible potion in a secure place and confirming that it was still there, they’re left to wonder who the new invisible stud might be.

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4.52/5 (27)

Title: Amanee!
Episodes: 1
Aired: Dec 20, 2013

Based on the same name adult manga by Shiomaneki.

Ryouichi goes to his friend Yuu’s place to play video games, like they do sometimes. It turns out that Yuu’s aunt Yui has come to visit, and she joins them. But it soon becomes clear that it’s not a video game she wants to play with Ryouichi…


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Swing Out Sisters

4.85/5 (48)

Title : Swing Out Sisters
Total Episodes: 1
Aired: Nov 25, 2011

It’s finals time, but tests aren’t the only things stressing out Yuuta, who’s literally being smothered with affection from his beautiful sisters: Chiyoko, who is feminine, caring, and coddles him; and Chinatsu, a strong-willed tomboy who desperately seeks his attention by picking on him. Who will triumph in this sibling love triangle?

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