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Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de

4.27/5 (444)

Title: Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Apr 24, 2015 to Nov 20, 2015

Arata Asaoka lives with his despicable, chauvinist father and older brother.

A house of three men.

Arata was an illegitimate child. Bearing only a tenuous blood relation to the man who bastarded him into the world, he was treated like a second-rate human. With nowhere else to go, Arata suffered the cruelty of his father and brother for years.
For years, he forced a smile and pretended happiness for the sake of strangers…

One day he met the girl who gave him hope. Her name was Koharu Hinomoto.
She was a ray of sunshine. Being with Koharu made Arata feel good, and he fell deep in love. He began to believe that his life could be better.
Arata decided he would move out and live with her.
Even without money, they could make it work. Anything was better than how he lived right now.

Arata knew in his heart that he could make a warm, loving family with Koharu.

If he could just move out… before his despicable family ruins everything.

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Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! The Animation

4.88/5 (176)

Title: Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! The Animation
Episodes: 1
Released Date: Apr 24, 2015

Satoshi Ashifuji is a working student attending university under a scholarship.
Somehow, he ends up with the custody of the dormitory Kissuisou, but its residents are all women with big problems!
Furthermore, when fixing the dorm’s clock tower, a self-proclaimed Zashiki-warashi who calls herself Ibaraki appears, beckoning even more trouble.

With all those currently residing emanating such ridiculously negative auras, if nothing changes within half a year some terrible misfortune would befall the dorm which would get demolished regardless of its condition.
If that happens, with no place left to go, all that negativity would pile themselves onto Satoshi, paving a future life of hell for him.

To avoid such a disaster, Satoshi decides to inject some positivity infused with Ibaraki’s powers into the lives of the residents.
In other words, it doesn’t matter where they do it as long as he comes inside!

In this way, the overly reckless ejaculation strategy with regards to the dorm’s residents Satoshi bet his life on commences.

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