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The Urotsuki

4.81/5 (53)

Title: The Urotsuki
Synonyms: Urotsukidoji New Saga
Episodes: 3
Aired: May 3, 2002 to Nov 15, 2002

An immortal beast-man of supernatural lusts, Amano Jaku escapes prison to gratify his appetites at Meishin College. But the campus is not just a hotbed of luscious coeds – it’s the breeding ground of a hideous monster! The Ultra God is Amano Jaku’s nemesis, a vile killing machine, and the ancient harbinger of the coming apocalypse. Now, immortals will clash in a battle that will bathe the Earth in innocent blood!

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Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji

4.82/5 (67)

Title: Choujin Densetsu Urotsukidouji
Synonyms: Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend
Episodes: 3
Aired: Jan 21, 1987 to Apr 10, 1989

Legend has it that the human race is not the only dominant civilization living on Earth. Two other races exist in this world: the Makai (a demon race) and the Juujinkai (a half-man, half-beast race). Once every 3,000 years, a supreme being known as the “Choujin” (Overfiend) will emerge and bring balance to all three realms on Earth. In present-day Japan, after 300 years of endless searching, a Jujinkai named Amano Jyaku has discovered the presence of the Choujin inside high school slacker Tatsuo Nagumo. But now, Amano, along with his sister Megumi and their sidekick Kuroko, must protect Nagumo and his new girlfriend Akemi Ito from the Makai, who believe that Nagumo is not the Choujin, but an evil entity bent on destroying all living beings on Earth.

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4.7/5 (37)

Title: Rejuvenation
Synonyms: Sacrilege
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jan 28, 2000 to Feb 25, 2000

A carnal cult uses illicit drugs to transform men into sex-crazed monsters. Police partners and lesbian lovers Atsuko and Kei are investigating a shady drug deal when they stumble upon the shocking truth. Can our frisky friends interrupt their love-play long enough to cuff the criminals?


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