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4.49/5 (135)

Title: Visionary
Synonyms: Vixens
Episodes: 3
Aired: Aug 25, 1995 to Apr 21, 1996

Episodes 1-2: (“SM Snake”, “Miracle Alien”)
Using his computer, a frustrated 19-year-old computer nerd accidentally summons a sexy android named Doreimon from the 22nd century! Using her futuristic powers, she’ll try to help him score with the woman of his dreams by “compensating” him for his shortcomings!

Episode 3: (“Skydiving in Love”)
Koban and Sameo have a very strange arrangement. Koban gets Sameo’s leftovers, but he also pays for Sameo’s dates! One day, Koban rescues a pretty girl named Shiori from an attacker in the park. Koban immediately falls for Shiori, but is too shy to say anything. Sameo then proceeds to set up Koban and Shiori… on a skydiving date!

Episode 4: (“New Century Queen”)
Mai Inoue desperately wants to become a showbiz personality, and she’s ready to do just about anything to make her dream come true. Mai decides to join the upcoming beauty pagent “New Century Queen”, where claiming the title may be her ticket to fame. To improve her chances, Mai decides to get acquainted with the handsome producer Akagi. But Akagi has plans of his own…

Episode 5: (“The Vampire Tradition”)
Beautiful co-eds are disappearing from St. Stoker University. Witnesses report seeing shadowy, bat-winged creatures in the night. The Student President suspects… vampires! When her friends are kidnapped, Kanna—a 19-year-old transfer student from Europe—must reveal her true identity!

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Otenki Onee-san

4.52/5 (44)

Title: Otenki Onee-san
Synonyms: Weather Report Girl
Episodes: 2
Aired: Jun 1, 1995

Hurricane Keiko has arrived! The newscast weather segment. Usually the last thing anyone ever thinks about (unless they said “sun” and it wound up being “rain”) but Keiko Nakadai’s going to change all that. Toiling in obscurity for years at a horribly rated TV station, Keiko has figured out what the weather report needs and doesn’t mind taking off her top (or lifting her skirt) on the air to do it. The ratings aren’t going to go down, that’s for sure.

Of course, some of the people at the station don’t find this appealing, and decide that Keiko’s got to go. They devise a series of horrible “accidents” for her, but Keiko usually seems to be about a step ahead of them.

Eventually, everyone at the station will discover that there’s far more to her than meets the eye as Keiko’s star rises incredibly quickly … and as her importance increases, Michiko Kawai’s (the old weather girl) drops. Something has got to be done, but who can do it?

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4.76/5 (25)

Title: Kakyuusei
Synonyms: My Petty Class Student
Episodes: 4
Aired: Jun 16, 1995 to Nov 22, 1995

This is an older four episode light hentai anime that was originally released in 1995. The first two episodes were brought out in English under the title of “First Loves” and bears no relationship to the “Elf version Kakyuusei OAV” and “Kakyuusei TV series” that were released in 1997-1998 and 1999 respectively.

First Loves/Kakyuusei OAV (1995) is mainly centered on Kakeru and his relationship with four girls from his high school. It focuses on one girl per episode – the cute and friendly Urara in the first, the forsaken tennis girl Rie in the second, the dog-owning painter Hikari in the third and the tough-fighting motorcycle girl in the final episode. Which girl will Kakeru choose to be with by the end of the fourth episode?

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Injuu Onna Kyoushi

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Title: Injuu Onna Kyoushi
Synonyms: School of Darkness
Episodes: 3
Aired: Jul 21, 1995 to Oct 25, 1996

Yuko is trying to escape from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Taki. After a herrible incident, Yuko seeks out Ayano, her best friend and lover. Ayano invites Yuko to join her in the shower, where she uses her tongue to comfort both Yuko’s mind and luscious body… Ayano is starting a new erserch project, and as part of her project, she ossesses and ancient scroll, a mummified body part, and a dagger. Yuko offers to help her with her research by doing a biological analysis on the mummified part. Several days later, Yuko endres another traumatic encounter with Taki. After forcing himself on Yuko, he commits an unimaginable act, leading to the resurrection of the Lust-demon!!! This time, the demon will not be easily subdued… a story filled with horror and mystery, you’ll be sure to enjoy this visual feast filled with red-hot sex and nightmarish imagery… (anidb)

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