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Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu 4.78/5 (23)

Title: Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu
Total Episodes: 2
Aired: Sep 24, 2010 to Dec 24, 2010

Sayaka’s family is rich but her parents suddenly go missing. She needs to find a job to make a living but she doesn’t know what to do. One day, Yuzuko offers Sayaka a part-time job at a family restaurant. She takes it and starts to work there. But Kuroki, the boss of the restaurant, tells Sayaka that her parents go missing because they failed business and they are up to their neck in debt now. To save them, to pay off their debt is the one and only way. She is at a loss what to do but Kuroki gives her an idea, “Our restaurant offers special service only during midnight. If you put yourself on the menu book, it will be quicker to pay off the debt.” After business hours, there are waitresses giving sexual service to customers night after night. Sayaka decides to work midnight to save her parents…

(Source: ErogeShop)

Label: PoRO

Format: MP4

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  1. For a NTR this is pretty weak compared to True Blue, True Blue Gaiden, Triangle Blue, Dark Blue, I Can, and Innocent Blue. My reason is you barely see her boyfriends reaction to her over the phone, compared to the darker NTR I Can where the boyfriend has to see it all.

  2. I read a review (on MAL) about this hentai, and it says that this is NTR. I think you need to add NTR tag. But I just read the review, not watch it yet, cause you know, some people can’t handle NTR.

    1. added the ntr tag, thanks.

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