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Henbou Moral Hazard

3.25/5 (4)

Title: Henbou Moral Hazard
Synonyms: Moral Hazard
Episodes: 1
Aired: Mar 23, 2001

One day while walking home from school, a young college girl is followed by a creepy old man. She runs to a nearby park in an attempt to get away from him, but is captured by someone hiding in the shadows. The pervert strips her naked and mercilessly has his way with her!
Another man, hearing her cries for help, comes to her aid and chases the pervert away. But as our girl quickly gathers up her clothes and turns to get dressed, her rescuer starts having lusty thoughts of his own!
Schoolgirls bring out the animal in everyone… and watch how these guys treat our schoolgirl like a bitch in heat!
Who can I believe… Somebody help me…

Label: Obtain Future

Format: mp4

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