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Mashou no Nie 3 4.64/5 (67)

Title: Mashou no Nie 3
Japanese Title: 魔将の贄3
Episodes: 2
Released Date: Jun 17, 2016 till Dec 9, 2016

Based on the erotic game by Liquid.

Format: mp4

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Episode 1    
Episode 2    

Episode 1     |      LQ
Episode 2    

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  1. Those anyone know the ending theme for this animation pls. Any hint would help I just like the song

  2. i like this site thanks for new best hentai series, absolutely i dont like the action of this hentai

  3. Sub version plss???

    1. updated subbed version.

  4. isnt the the quality of the video and sound kind of crappy? like a cum rip..i mean cam rip haha

    1. yeah, the LQ one or low quality one. thats why i put LQ 🙂

  5. oh yes.. i love this animation style.. ” like kedamono tachi, imouto paradise, zettai junshu, etc (๑•̀ㅂ •́)و ✧ always waiting for next episode..

    1. um what do u call.this kind of animation?

      1. not sure specifically this animation but the person behind it is
        Teruaki Murakami is an animator, character designer and director of several adult titles, known for his aggressive and fast animation style.

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