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Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei

4.47/5 (471)

Title: Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei
Episodes: 2
Released Date: May 1, 2015 to June 5, 2015

Based on the adult game by Elf.

Maro works as a doctor. He is a pervert. One day, Sakimi came to his doctor’s office asking about a small pain and soon he begin to gain her trust and he begin to give her advice about marriage life, specially about to make babies. Of course, he takes advantage of her trust and begun to sexually caress her in several parts of her body.

One day, the doctor did it in the front of her husband, resulting in the husband smashing the doctor’s hands. He cannot use his hands anymore for some time and Sakimi begin to help the doctor since she fell responsible for it (she never doubted of the doctor she always think that the doctor is just doing his job caressing her). The doctor now cannot eat, bath and even urinate alone without the help of Sakimi, and she with good will try to help him out in everything. What will happen next?

(Source: VNDB)

Label: Mitsu

Format: mp4

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Episode 1      
Episode 2      

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