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Mankitsu Happening

4.64/5 (368)

Title: Mankitsu Happening
Episodes: 4
Aired: Mar 27, 2015 to Aug 28, 2015

Based on the erotic game by Waffle.

Label: Collaboration Works

Format: mp4

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Episode 1       
Episode 2       
Episode 3        
Episode 4       


Episode 1     
Episode 3  
Episode 4  

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  1. Why is there a poster of kyonyuu fantasy in this and maki-chan, hentai stay separate from each other, but it is nice to see that they still want us to watch it and they put a poster to get us to look for it.

  2. The link for episode 1 usercloud doesn’t work

    1. updated userscloud episode 1.

      1. Oh and thanks for junai maniac, ♡I LOVED IT♡

  3. Can you put filedais on episode 3 too pls?

    1. please try other links..

  4. am I the only one who cant download episode 2 & 3 on userscloud? it says 400 Bad Requests

    1. tried to test works fine. or maybe try other links like mirror.

      1. Hmmm… I already did try it but it also won’t work ;-; just hoping it will work in the next hours

      2. Would you mind adding openload maybe too please?

        1. Episode 2
          Episode 3

          1. Wow you’re my hero. Thank you so much! :D

  5. Please apply userscloud/openload on episode 4 please .. I cant download it without any of them… Please…

    1. updated the links.

  6. thanks for this hentai

  7. can you videos of “Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou uncensored videos ?? if it is uploaded, let me know .. please and thank you !!

  8. pleaase apply filedais download when the new released episode is available, pretty please .. :)

  9. this is still ongoing, right??

    1. just temporarily closed for now…i will edit if there will be more episodes available :)

  10. still waiting for eps5, :)

    1. so far no news for episode 5 or either new hentai from collaboration works :)

  11. Can u using a alternatif link?
    Hm like solidfile or mega
    I love this website but everytime I want to download My fav hentai,I Always have a problem with linkbucks because Im using UC browser
    R u have Any idea to fixing it?

    1. yea, uc browser has built in adblocker so its hard to skip ads in lb, maybe if you have browser like opera mini, try using it to fetch the link from linkbucks then after skipping ad and get download link, go to ucbrowser.

      1. Can u upload From solidfile?it work well to me

  12. Wher is the 4 ep at sub ?? when well it come out

    1. i will update if there will be available subs.

  13. When update sub episode 4

  14. Anal tag missing…
    Thanx for Epi 4!

  15. itadakimasu…..thank u Admin

  16. いつも私が角質作ります

    1. くるる-ちゃん <3

  17. I miss the old days. . .*WAIT!* WAT AM I DOING HERE!!!!!!!!

  18. when the subbed will updated? just keep using Tus bro, it is easier

    1. my favorite is Kururu-chan <3

  19. Plz … dont use linebuck … i cant download it from my handphone

    1. waiting for subbed version, tus will dont have.

    2. ar u using uc browser? use chrome browser to open linkbuck, and copy the tusfile link to uc browser for speed download..” bcause uc browser cant open linkbuck#^_^#

      1. yea, thats the disadvantage of uc browser. cant skip ads with some links. thats good alternative, by using other browser that allows ads skip and paste the destination link back to uc for better speed…thats good recommendation :)

  20. can u add a brand or producers for other anime? it will be easy to found my favourite brand like pink pineapple, pashmina,pixiy ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭

    1. ok, i will try to add a tag for that :)

  21. In the future pls add solidfiles link on episode 3 subbed.

    Need to watch the entire series :v

    1. cant download with tus?? ok, i will add it when sub for episode 3 is available :)

      1. thanks dude! I choose solidfiled cuz its easier to download it from my phone.

    1. episode 1-2 subbed
      Episode 3 not subbed/raw

  22. This video is very amazing

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